Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fabulous Finds" Villa Valentina" A Unique Shopping Experience

The beaches in Mexico were fun, the sun healing, the landscape dramatic and Villa Valentina just happened to add to the magic :) I stumbled upon this unique store as we were leaving San Jose for Cabo. Something inside me told me to stop as we drove past it. Thankfully, we turned the car around as this place turned out to be absolutely fascinating.  

Have you ever entered a space where you want to get lost wandering?? Well this was one such place. Villa Valentina " is a beautiful art and design center housed in a Mission-like building". For me me it was so much more, I loved everything about this place. It appealed to my design sensibilities completely. It had a casual yet refined air. There was an endless treasure trove of goodies tucked away in every nook and cranny. There were exquisite things placed effortlessly just poised to catch your eye! It reminded me of a haveli with an old world charm. To think I was in Mexico and yet it felt like I could have been in Rajasthan :)

Haciendas or Haveli.....what can I say, I have a weakness for both :) Villa Valentine apart for being a lovely shopping experience, houses a restaurant, an art gallery and features art classes as well. Need I say more ?

Have fun looking, I certainly did :) Have you had a unique shopping experience that has stayed with you forever, I would love to know? Do share your story in the comments section below. As people join in I am sure we can come up with some interesting stories :)

San jose Del Cabo

Image: My Dream Canvas and subject to copyright

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Postcards From Mexico

I am back from my vacation. I have missed you and I hope you share the sentiment:) The vacation was idyllic. The sun and the sea was therapeutic, just what we needed after a long harsh winter! However, for me this trip was also about the colors, culture, interiors and craft of Mexico. Over the next few weeks I shall bring you a series called " Postcards from Mexico". I have to warn you I did take almost 2000 pictures :) Are you ready to run away??? Okay, I promise to sort them out for you but I will need some time :) These pictures below are the tip of the iceberg. They are from my phone and not the camera!! 

I hope you to see you here often as I take you along on my photographic journey.......

The colors that greeted us every morning as we stepped out of our room at the hotel............


The bar in the famed " Hotel California" in a town called Todos Santos........

At the same hotel, we stopped in to have some coffee and ice cream..........................

Todos Santos

The steps we climbed everyday to get to the car.  I loved the tiled staircases all over Mexico.....

Images: My Dream Canvas and subject to copyright!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Coffee Table Books, Green Tea and Flea Market Finds!

The weekend beckons and brings with it abundant sunshine!! I am heading off on a "bloggy" break! Yes, I need to recharge my batteries so for the next week or so. I may or may not be around for a few days. Miss me :) 

I have travel on my mind these days!! Coffee table books have become my weakness off late. One of my favorite trips was to Italy many years ago. I found this book for 2 bucks at a Library sale. It is filled with incredible pictures and brings back wonderful memories :) The tray is a flea market market from North Carolina and is 12 years old. 

Here's wishing you a Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!  Keep on smiling and see you in a few days :)

Image: My Dream Canvas, please be polite and do not reuse without prior permission.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Don't Take Your Decor Too Seriously :)

I have a question for you! Do you take your decor too seriously? Do you want everything to be picture perfect and elegant? I have to admit that I like to keep a neat, clean, and pretty home. However, I also want the home to feel lived in. I want to come back home after a long day and plop myself in my favorite chair :) I also want to surround myself with things that are comfortable and make me feel loved. My home should always have a warmth and coziness, because this where I see my family nurture and grow.  My home is where memories are created, everyday!!

I have seen a lot of lovely homes in person and online in my five years of blogging. I love the homes that have a character and tell the story of the people who live there. Then there are those homes that seem to be" trying to hard" I am not sure if I can explain this well, but I shall try :) There are also homes that suffer from an overdose of decor.  It's decor to the point of clutter.  The artwork and prints on the wall, while stunning, are simply too many. It is like walking into a museum and not a home :)  Patterns everywhere seem to collide and simply stress me out! 

I know this is my personal opinion and I am not commenting on any one style in particular! We all have the right to decorate our homes in our unique way without caring about what people think :)

Over the years, I have realized that I don't want to take my decor too seriously!! I want to relax and enjoy the experience :) A house turns into a home because of the people who live in it. It could take days, months, or years to turn a home into a haven. This process should ideally be effortless, but for that to happen, you need to have fun :)

This is a corner of my home, which is my fun space. I add color to it when I feel like it.  A happy thought, a few flowers, lovely memories from my travels, and thoughtful gifts are what make it special! It follows no trend :)

Do you have fun decorating or do you sometimes think its too much work ? Do you have a happy corner? I would love to know?

Images: My Dream Canvas