Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Home in Sydney

This home on Design Files recently caught my eye. The first image has quite a few of my favorite things......the map on the wall, the tribal pillows, the books and the guitar peeking through :) I like it also because the house looks well loved and lived in! Its nice to see spaces filled with things the owners love. It gives you an insight into the lives of the people living there, don't you think?

 To view pictures of the entire house, click here.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Versatile Vintage Lassi Glass

One of my favorites at my little store are these vintage lassi glasses. They are the perfect addition to the global home. I use quite a few home of them at my home to store various things......especially flowers :) These glasses were used to serve Lassi in the old days. Lassi is a traditional yogurt based drink. These antique glasses are from India. They are made of metal and brass and each of them have their own distinct engraved designs.
Grab them from here before they are all gone :)

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Monday, August 25, 2014

The Essence of Home

The lovely ladies Deepa and Supriya at Aalayam are celebrating their 100th post. They have a beautiful blog filled with inspiration that you don't want to miss. They asked a few of us bloggers to talk about "what home means to us" A thought provoking question! As I began writing, it made me think of a lot of things about my home, my family and my blog.  So please humor me as I ramble on :)

" I put my heart and soul into designing my spaces. My home is a labor of love because it gives me the opportunity to weave my own unique story. My home tells the story of my family, our roots, our adventures, and shared 
experiences. It’s filled with the people I love. My favorite books line some of my shelves. There are souvenirs from our travels, along with my favorite photographs. I have pieces from weekend visits to flea markets and antique store finds that I could not resist. My home is also filled with our hopes and dreams. It records our victories and the obstacles we have overcome together.I hope that it is a story that my children will carry with them. I want them to reflect back on their childhood home as a place of comfort and immense joy :) So the design is simply a means to an end. I don’t really focus on the mechanics of the design, because I want my home to evoke a warm fuzzy feeling at the end of a long day! 

Ultimately, the home is much more than just a menagerie of exquisite d├ęcor items. My favorite pieces go back many decades. They are heirlooms that were bought by my Grandparents. These then passed down to my parents. Now, they grace my home. These pieces give a sense of timelessness to my home. These precious things have an eternal beauty. They follow no trends, but they will never go out of style. They fit perfectly in my home. Since my home is a narrative of my family’s journey, it evolves with time. I look back at my own house and it looks very different from what it was before. There have been no dramatic or architectural changes but a few subtle changes have crept in. My home has grown with me :)

Do visit Aalayam to read the entire post. Congrats Deepa and Supriya! May there be many more wonderful milestones for your lovely bog.

Image: My Dream Canvas

Friday, August 22, 2014

Fabulous Finds : A Literary Book Shelf Cum Storage Box :)

I am a big fan of HomeGoods. I usually stumble upon something every few years which I absolutely adore! My Suzani chair was a HomeGoods find as well. This storage box gives you the illusion of leather bound books lined on a book shelf!! Each and every book mentioned here is a classic. I have read them all :) Gone With The Wind of course is an all time favorite :)

The box can be opened and has storage space inside. I bought it for my anniversary and told my husband it was a gift from him. Smart eh? :) 

Have you discovered an unexpected treasure for your home recently. I would love to know? Here's wishing you a great weekend!

Image: My Dream Canvas